The Rhodesian Ridgeback should represent a well balanced, strong, muscular, agile and active dog, symmetrical in outline, and capable of great endurance with a fair amount of speed. The emphasis is on agility, elegance and soundness with no tendency towards massiveness.


My aim is to breed hounds who are sound both mentally and physically; Dogs who live a long, healthy life and are a pleasure to live with.

If the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all.

Planned litters for 2022 & 2023

We are planning Bavarian Mountain Hound puppies for the end of this year. Hula should have her heat in August 2022. Puppies would be ready for their new homes just before Christmas.

Rhodesian Ridgeback litter is planned for Spring 2023 with the lovely dark red wheaten girl Sansa. If everything goes as planned, the puppies will be ready for their new homes in April-May.

Both litters should produce lovely family dogs for active people.

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