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Spring Valley’s Great Gatsby Gatsby

Date of birth: 04.08.1998
Height: 68.5 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Color: red wheaten
Breeder: Marie Cotton, Spring Valley’s
Owner: McKinnon Family

HD: Excellent (A/A)
ED: Normal (0/0)
Congenital cardiac: Normal
CERF: Normal
Bite: Full scissor bite

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Gatsby’s own website

US Champion
ROM (Register of Merit)

Number 1 Ridgeback: 2001, 2002, 2003
Multiple Best In Show wins
Winner of over 100 Group 1’s

Westminster Best of Breed Winner 2000 & 2004 & Group Two (2004)
Westminster Award of Merit 2003, Eukanuba Classic Winner 2002, National Best in Specialty Winner 2003, 3 Best in Regional Specialties / 50 RRCUS Supported Breed Wins

RRCUS National Award of Merit in 2008, RRCUS National Best Veteran in Show 2008, RRCUS National Best Veteran in Show 2009, RRCUS National Best Stud Dog in Show 2008, Number One Hound Stud 2008, Number 1 Ridgeback Stud 2008