Finnish Rhodesian Ridgeback Club’s Open Show 2021

We spent the day at Finnish Ridgeback Clubs Open Show with 12 beautiful and well behaved Kxoxo dogs! Our dogs performed well and got great results, but mostly I’m proud of how level headed all our dogs are.

Thank you for all my active puppy owners who agreed to take part of this day, I hope all our first timers were bit by show bug and we see them in later shows as well. Thank you to all our brisk handlers, especially Tiina & Petra on top of all the handlers who do own a dog from me.

Judge Paula Rekiranta, 83 dogs entered

✨ Kxoxo Carmen Carrera ”Tara” PET OPEN2 HP BB4
✨ Kxoxo Beta Berlinetta ”Honi” OPEN4
✨ Kxoxo Azalea Agera ”Alma” CH2 HP BB3 BEST MOVEMENTS 🏆🥇

✨ Kxoxo Heir of Slytherin ”Elvi” JUN ”6th” BEST RIDGE 🏆🥇
✨ Kxoxo Amortentia ”Hippu” INT2
✨ Kxoxo Serpensortia ”Sansa” INT1 HP ”BB 6th”

✨ Kxoxo Legends Never Die ”Banjo” PUPPY3
✨ Kxoxo Rockefeller Street ”Mooses” PUPPY4
✨ Kxoxo Cherry Boom Boom ”Ruu” PUPPY4
✨ Kxoxo Devil With A Halo To Feanor’s ”Armi” PUPPY3 HP
✨ Kxoxo Ice Ice Baby ”Rozi” PUPPY ”5th”

✨ Breeder class was shown with Kona, Alma & Armi – no placement

✨ Alma’s progeny group was shown with Elvi, Banjo, Armi & Rozi BIS4 🏅

Aaaand the cherry on cake my baby boy Kona:
✨ Kxoxo Grayson Gallardo ”Kona” CH1 HP BM1 BEST OF BREED 🥇🏆

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